dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

No-budge Elly.....

aprilp_katje made a good point the other day when she reminded us that the more someone tried convincing Elly of a point she didn't want made, the more she insisted that that person didn't know what he or she was talking about. As we've seen, most Pattersons react to statements that challenge their assumptions with angry squawks of denial. Whether it's April angrily denying that she treated Becky like crap because she begrudged her friend her talent and success or Liz refusing to see that Thérèse had good reason to not want to have her hanging around, Pattersons simply do not feel comfortable with the proposition that they might be in the wrong. Elly just takes that to an extreme and adds a hint of martyrdom to it; anyone fool-hardy enough (Hi, there, John!) to consistently correct her is greeted with a whiny rant about how he never takes her seriously; it's too bad that she was stupid enough to misconstrue his eventual disgusted refusal to sink to her level as the triumph of common sense.

Tags: elly: lynn's fantasy self, one big oblivious family

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