dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Year Two: The things we're about to learn.....

As I write this, Lynn has started the second year of the new-ruin era as Mike enters the first grade. As we watch Elly fill herself with martyrdom and embarrassment because she's regressed to the point that she still can't pay attention in class, I'd like to speculate on the things we're going to learn this year:

  1. Elly thought that kindergarten and preschool were the same thing.

  2. Mike will spend more time being a disruption in class than actually studying owing to his having inherited Elly's tendency towards inattention.

  3. Deanna didn't actually leave town because Wilf's job opportunity fell through.

  4. John wants to keep Elly chained to the stove because he's mean.

  5. The stress of having to pay attention to his coursework will force Mike to lash out at Lizzie and make him call her names.

  6. Connie is not only needy enough to chase after Phil when he makes a return trip to the Pattermanse, she even dates Loser Ted.

  7. Elly will continue to shriek at Farley.

I may be off-base on some of the predictions and forgetten things but I think you might agree that I've got some good ideas as to what to expect.

Tags: the reload, the shape of foobs to come

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