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Lynn's visit to Anna....what we have learned.

As you know, Lynn has recently updated her blog with a pseudo-inspirational story about how Katie had talked her into visiting an Anna who was introduced as a friend of her late mother-in-law's. She details the things she did and saw and refers to a short film from Greece that has the premise that we must respect our elders no matter how much their behavior irritates us. It's clear that the Coffee-Talkers will go into paroxysms of joy writing letters about how sensitive, noble and caring Lynn is. That's because they're probably not going to see the obvious signs that their hero is a creep:

  1. Lynn had no idea that Anna was alone and had nothing to do all day long; this is because she has no clue how other people live their lives.
  2. She misinterprets the physical absence of Anna's daughters with a moral and emotional absence; as we've seen, the only way she can accept that a person cares for others is to be visibly 'there' for them.
  3. She seems genuinely astonished that Katie can tear the time away from her own concerns to brighten another person's day; not only does it reveal that she herself would not do that on her own initiative, it reveals that she doesn't actually think much of her daughter.
  4. She totally misses the point of the film by praising Anna for not complaining about her lot in life and thus doing evil by trying to make Lynn think about the hopes, dreams, fears and disappointments of someone who isn't her.
  5. She goes out of her way to emphasize how much she cares about people who aren't lucky enough to be her; this can safely be called 'grandstanding' because those who do give a shit are too busy doing so to boast.
  6. The whole thing is an exercise in reminding her other child that she's getting old and since she ruined her figure and spent untold and inhuman hours giving birth to him and spent all that money raising him, he'd better drop everything and wait on her hand and foot.

As I said, the Inmans, Anna Ms and all the other people who think Lynn has surveillance gear in their living rooms will eat this up and shout down those of us who dare question the moral beauty of Lynn's moth-eaten soul.

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