dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The secret of the Kool-Aid Quaffers.

As you know, a lot of people go on Coffee Talk in order to praise Lynn for being an astute observer of the human condition. They love to remind their fellows that they identify emotionally with anyone who isn't Mira or Thérèse and that their children remind them of the characters they see. They also cannot seem to see why anyone would seek to criticize the strip given how closely it parallels their experience. What enables them to do so cannot simply be dismissed as blind loyalty; there's a factor that I haven't covered that can help explain how regular people can avoid seeing how much this strip sucks: Lynn's admission that she doesn't agree with every stupid thing the Pattersons do. As an example, let's imagine that a strip that infuriates us is being read by a member of her target demographic. She remembers that Lynn doesn't endorse the Patterson lifestyle one hundred percent so even if what she sees gets on her nerves, she assumes that Lynn is taking Elly, Mike or Liz down a peg or two. It doesn't matter that the strip in question might be an occasion wherein Lynn wants us to sympathize with the Foob, the fan assumes she wants us not to so she feels quite confident in praising Lynn for her skill and questioning the people who tell her that her idol has feet of clay.

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