dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The sea change at the Pattermanse

As we've seen, the relationship dynamic between the very early Elly and John is not the one we're used to. Contrary to our expectations, we have Elly as something of a harried doormat acting like a teenaged girl wheedling concessions out of her stern, close-minded patriarch of a husband with only limited success. The 'fun' part, as trumanf said, is trying to determine the moment when we get the relationship we think of when we think of the Pattersons: the commanding figure we call Flapandhonk who gets what she wants when she wants it and her husband, the grinning, craven zany Train Man, who was put on this Earth to rubber-stamp her brutal demands. I know that this happened slightly before she was trying to tell an OB/GYN that someone, somewhere must have made a mistake because there was no way a thirty-nine year old woman was pregnant but the problem is figuring out quite when.

Tags: foob history

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