dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Crazy Auntie Liz, Foobonia's Teen Queen Supreme.

Another person Children's Services might want to keep the children from is the daft young woman the call Aunt Lizardbreath. You might not of noticed this, but she seems to have a distinct antipathy to the wants and needs of small children. When you also consider her proud boast that when she's pretending to teach, she's the sort of inflexible, smart-mouthed petty tyrant that helps make high school a lot more hellish, I'm not convinced she should be allowed access to anyone under the age of majority, let alone be permitted to reproduce until she's a lot more mature. Why the barely suppressed rage? Simple! When she was pretty much the same age April is now, Elly 'suggested' that she not 'waste her time' 'hanging out aimlessly' when there was a small child to look after. Simple as paper, Liz was begrudged every moment of free time by her 'loving, thoughtful' mother and thus never really had her adolescence at the right time in her life. This also explains why she doesn't have too many friends her own age; the closed-minded egomaniac kinda ensured thatr she was on the periphery of the school's social circle. Hell, at her reunion, people will probably be surprised she isn't the accident victim; you know, the person who gets killed the day before she was supposed to become a freshman and has a huge picture of her face in the yearbook when she would've graduated. The problem is that adolescent behavior patterns will manifest themselves no matter how much Elly bellows. The fact they have now that Liz is in her mid-twenties goes a long way to EXPLAINING, if not excusing, her current antics.
Tags: foobs vs common decency, liz: whining martyr

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