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Mira Sobinski - ethnic slur on heels.

The next PatterPodPerson to be subjected to the forces of what broken-headed psychotrooper LJ calls injustice is mother's little misunderstood artist, Mikerobe. There are two baleful entities standing in the way of Fooby bliss with his hand-wringing, spinelessly submissive, bovine, dimwitted doormat and all-around full tilt gonzo reactionary fantasy bride Deanna. The first, of course, is her mean-spirited bellowing shrew of a mother. This pushy ethnic seems to have nothing more to do than commit the ultimate sins in Foobland - (a) telling a Patterson what to do *bad* and (b) trying to displace St. Elly *worse*. She dared have the treasonous and unreasonable opinion that a wedding ceremony has something to do with the bride's family and their hopes and dreams, when as everyFoob knows the Patterson clan are the best people on Earth and the only people who matter. She also attempts to 'horn in' on the daily lives of the pitterPattersons, Meredith the Dim and Robin the Septic, by ,I dunno, actually showing up and saying and doing things instead of going off into a corner and quietly dying or something. I mean, since Deedoormat has daily access to the perfection that is Elly, she doesn't her imperfect nonWaspy birth parents any more.

What motivates the DP (a canadianism short for 'displaced person': it refers to people getting out from behind the Iron Curtain) screwball's cavalcade of kitsch?The meaningless fact that the wedding ceremony she longed for with its celebration of community and validation of her love for her man was replaced with an anonymous ceremony on a pier, as if she were debastarding a child. Why should any Patterson care about the wishes of this goofy foreigner and her frustrated dreams and the inferior vermin she left behind. Let lesser mortals wrongly indulge her sick delusions: the path of Foob clearly indicates she is to be frustrated forever.
The woman's pain and suffering is used as fodder for the sham progressive's continuing a hateful stereotype (Look at that crazy ethnic lady: she's crazy) as well as the misogynistic brain fart, Mother-in-Law as domineering meat-axe. It's like I said elsewhere: the pain and suffering of Other People is a source of cheap laughs to the manic hateball dreaming up this crap. (especially if they aren't knee deep in yard monkeys.)
Tags: big dirty world, my brain needs a shower!!, the delicate genius v. the world

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