dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Grandma Elly, the Human Bomb

So far, we've got four people that should be kept far away from small children. First, we have the Magic!Writing!Fairy, who's more of a clueless older brother than a father who quite frankly has noticeable difficulty remembering which one is which. We turn to his self-loathing wife, with her dread that her kids aren't Canadian (meaning bloodlessly WASPy) enough. Next, we have his over-grown teenager sister Liz and her carload of neuroses and train-obsessed loony nitwit Dad. Finally, one's eyes rest on the dumpy, resentful figure of Dear Old Mom. Elly only seems to have two moods, doesn't she? Most of the time, we see mood one: grumpy but inert fretfulness. Usually, she simply stands around wringing her hands wishing she had the courage to do something about what's going on around her. This is how she generally reacts to important, life-altering decisions. However, her swallowing her anger has a nasty side-effect; she goes into a tearing rage at piddly-crap. After a hard day's work of bottling up her emotions, some minor indignity will present itself and BAM!!! she files off the handle. Since anyone with eyes would see she's headed for an instantly fatal stroke OR she'll do something irrevocable to the grandkids when she's pitching a fit, I really can't see Social Services letting her have access to Merrie and Robin.

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