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Lynn and the editors: a loathe story....

In Lynn's latest interview, the means by which she made an annoying jerk of herself was by revealing her low opinion of editors. She starts off by chortling about how she made deliberate spelling errors in her material so as to keep the people who, for some reason she can't seem to see, think that they have the right to tell her what to do will focus on that instead of her wonky perspective, misshapen limbs and failure to erase things. She next compares their "pointless" obsession with avoiding letters that complain that the writers' children could produce superior artwork with the buzzing of mosquitoes before proceeding on to her masterwork of smug bitchery: the battle over what the cover of the chidren's book should look like. As you know, the picture we see is on Farley supposedly sniffing the ground; this is because Lynn's clever research about dogs seems to have consisted of watching movies in which bloodhounds chased down escaped convicts. This means that what the potential buyer sees is the unappealing image of a dog that's either half-asleep or sniffing where another dog relieved itself. What the Company wanted was something that would be more appealing and attract more attention: Farley running towards something with his SNIFFA-SNUFFA-SNIFFING nose in the air chasing down something yummy and thus be actually following his nose. She doesn't go into specifics about how she manipulated them into conforming with her ignorance about how dogs behave but the implication is obvious; she turned in replacement artwork so bad, they were forced to put the inert lump sniffing the ground on the cover so they could meet the deadline. All this to have to avoid admitting that she doesn't know what the Hell she's talking about; it makes me sick thinking about it.

Tags: lynn: failed creator

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