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Retaking the course....

As you probably remember, Coffee Talk used to feature a weekly letter that updated us on life in the Pattermanse; before Lynn got bored with the feature owing to reader response that wasn't what she'd hoped, she had Elly try taking extension classes only to drop them due to it conflicting with her artificially busy schedule and lack of support from her family. This is probably going to be one of the plot holes that Lynn ignores when she rewrites the "Elly's Night School" story as I assume she's about to; this is, of course, so Elly can see the course-work interfere with her artifically-busy schedule and mourn her family's lack of support for her education. We can also expect the teacher who more or less correctly identified her as a bored housewife trying to show off as being an even more tyrannical ogre and John being an even more selfish saboteur. Instead of simply suggesting to Mike that Elly is doing this because she hates him and wants to run away from him, he'll flat-out tell him that this time so he can stifle Elly's creativity, destroy her freedom of expression, chain her to the stove and do all the other things that Elly says he does in order to excuse herself from her inability to apply herself or deal with pressure. The nice thing is that we can be sure that it will raise more questions than it answers and be an inferior substitute for the original.

Tags: educating elly, the reload

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