dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly, student of failure......

As we've seen, Elly's greatest hatred is to be told what to do with her time and largest pet peeve is unsolicited advice from people who don't think and act like she does. She also tends to fly off to Neverland when people start explaining things she doesn't know about and is easily intimidated by instructions more complex than "Insert Tab A into Slot B". This sort of explains why she isn't a very good student; she always means to finish her schooling but, well, her disinclination to actually apply herself in the Pattersonian belief in some sort of miracle instant quick fix tat will give her what she wants without actually haivng to do anything to earn it will always leave her bored and frustrated with the education process. In the end, her big plans to get any degree will go the way of her fancy career: down the hole as she points the finger of blame at strawmen who make convincing arguments.

Tags: educating elly

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