dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The points strawman aren't supposed to have.....

As I've said earlier, John really doesn't have much sympathy for Elly's whims, whether they take the form of having a career that is magically supposed to drop in her lap or to finish the schooling she's not all that good at. He regards the whole thing as simply her way of having something to complain about while she tries to wimp out on being with the children. What's more, he, despite holding archaic views of women, happens to be right. It doesn't help Elly's case in the least that she as much as says so about the latter herself; she makes no secret of the fact that she finds tending to the emotional needs of her kids as an intolerable burden and, to make things worse, seems to not know that said children have picked up on that. This is why Mike needs no prompting from John to oppose Elly's career hopes. He, you see, regards the whole thing as her trying to run from him and stick him with tending to Lizzie. He too is right but he's not "supposed" to be.

Tags: elly: lynn's fantasy self, john - grinning weirdo, mikerobe: the universal infant

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