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As you know, Lynn really hates criticism of any form; like a lot of immature, silly people, she responds to the impulse other people have to help her do better with petulant, vindictive rage. One area in her life really seems to have gotten under her skin: parenting. It seems obvious to a lot of us that there was someone in Lynn Lake who, out of a sense of charity, gave Lynn good-natured tips on how to do better as a parent than she was doing. This didn't go over very well; the same woman who would later compare the editors who don't want her to turn out unprofessional artwork to mosquitoes responded to the snoopy busybody who didn't obviously know what she was talking about by assigning her personality to Annie Nichols. The end result was to turn a real-life person into a buffoon; as we'll see in the future, Annie talks a good game but her indulgent parenting inevitably leads to chaos and anarchy as her spoiled children walk all over her. We are meant to contrast that to Elly's more sensible habit of plodding along doing what people are supposed to do: tear around in a blind rage and think that parents and children are natural enemies.

Tags: anne achronism

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