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More adventures in Anne-tagonism...

There's another reason that Annie Nichols had to disappear as a character: she had no tolerance for Elly's beefing and said so. As aprilp_katje reminded us, there's a strip that has Annie, who's complaining about putting on a few extra inches around the waistline, tell Elly point-blank that she doesn't want to hear a skinny person give her advice about diet and exercise. This is, of course, evilsauce evilness because Elly wants to believe that she's a plate of Cheapie Weenie Casserole away from being declared morbidly obese when, in fact, she's always been on the slender side of having an average physique. Since Annie did not slavishly pledge her allegiance to Elly's martyrdom and paranoia, she was, by definition, a bad friend. The question that presented itself to Lynn is how best to handle her; since she could not reduce her to an empty-headed vassal like Connie who witlessly laughs at every stupid thing that Elly says or cow her into submission like John, it became necessary to make her vanish. The means for that was obvious: punish her for 'arrogance' by giving her out-of-control children and a philandering husband. Having to keep track of them mandated that she not tell her pernicious and hateful truths to our poor, injured whining, self-absorbed, immature dullardeternal victim.

Tags: anne achronism, elly: lynn's fantasy self

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