dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Liz and alcohol: a love story.....

As we saw yesterday, Lizzie had an unusual reaction to the sip of beer she had; unlike most children who, as experience and common sense teach us, would find Daddy's can of brew to taste and smell nasty and thus grimace in disgust, Lizzie seems to have not minded it at all. This discovery of a new, delightful taste seems to have set her on the road to becoming what she calls a social drinker and what I call a party girl verging on becoming an alcoholic. This is because, like all Pattersons, she is incapable of moderating her appetites or applying self-control. Being asked to do so for the good of her unborn son would probably be accompanied by huffy whining about people who aren't even there yet bossing her around and, in an odd way, explains why Elly resented her, Mike and April; it doesn't take a genius to realize that Elly wants to exact revenge for being made to give up a delightful vice of her own.

Tags: child rearing disasters, liz: whining martyr

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