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Abuse Porn 102: Bios for 'Bad' Guys.

In Friday’s edition of the Coffee Talk section on the For Better or For Worse website, whoever was in charge of answering the letters told a reader that a Liography for Becky McGuire was one of the priorities they meant to address. This means that a factor that I didn’t cover in my article about Candace will come into play: the need to use the bios to vilify those who either get in the Pattersons’ way or do things that make them feel uncomfortable. The bios for Paul Wright and Anthony Caine give me a hint about what to expect in Becky’s case; in the first instance, we have this gem:

He was deeply sorry to have hurt Liz. There was no doubt that the fault was his. But she would surely realize eventually that this was the best thing for her, too.

This blaming the victim of Pattersonian stupidity, selfishness and malice for something he was only part-way responsible for while totally absolving the Foob in question of any blame for it tells me that despite the collapse of the friendship she and April once had being the result of bad decisions, petty jealousies and rash remarks both of them had made, Becky will be made to see that everything was all her fault for wanting fame and stardom on her own terms instead of waiting to be Touched By A Patterson. This suspicion of mine (as well as the implication that she’ll jettison her silly career in order to do something feminine like work in Dee’s sewing school) is further confirmed by the following treacly piece of refuse concerning Therese:

Anthony suspects there are problems, but has avoided questioning too closely. He respects his ex-wife's reserve and knows she is still finding her own way. He only hopes that someday she will be as happy as he is.

In short, Therese and Becky are supposed to retreat from Man’s dominion and have a husband they don’t really like, children they can’t really tolerate and do housework they find a soul-crushing burden like people of good will are supposed to. This, of course, after the Pattersons finally deign to accept their pathetic pleas for forgiveness. In order to do so, of course, we have to deal with another nasty thing that the Liographies all have in common: revisionist history. It doesn’t really matter what we see in the strip, you see; when the contents of our memories and Lynn and Beth’s need to promote their agenda collide, historical accuracy always ends up getting hauled to the wreckers’.

To sum up, we can add these noxious ingredients to the unpalatable ones that I'd listed earlier and come up with a truly unpalatable recipe suitable for any person the Pattersons hate. It matters not if it’s a pop star who’s about to be all weepy because she gave up April’s friendship, a career-woman about to admit that she had no right to expect Anthony to live up to his word or a mother-in-law who finally admits that she does too much and is too involved with her grandchildren, we’re about to eat something horrific. 

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