dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Foob archipelago : Monomania on Parade

The reason I'm assuming that it would take an outsider to force these people to see how they've gone wrong is because they're one of the most insular groups of people on the comics page. Not sure what I mean? Let's just say I think John and Elly's 'address book' could be copied down on a cocktail napkin and still have plenty of white space. No bloody wonder the Stibbs house is the only one John can see: it fits some warped need of his, so it and the current owner are REAL to him. Everything else in the neighborhood may as well not exist to him and the others. In fact, if you looked at the neighborhood through their eyes, you'd see the Pattermanse, the Tiny Train House and a whole lotta nothing. No houses, no families, no community, just THEM and their enablers! If people wear blinders for as long as the Patterclan have done, they start to be affected by a little thing called groupthink. As we see now, this has come to pass. Passive-agressive weirdos John and Mike and their willing collaborator Deanna have proposed a good idea for questionable reasons and are engaged in stampeding holdouts Elly and April into validating a dubios idea. So far, they've managed to neutralize Elly's resistance because they KNOW her weak point. April, being somewhat of a mystery to them, will be a harder sell but I think they're gonna do an end run around her objections by going for the nuclear option: hauling out poor, sad Merrie and Robin and appealing to her guilt. The reason this is happening so quickly is, of course, they would never think to ask advice from a friendly outsider.
After all, if they're friendly, why are they outsiders?

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