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Elly goes to crass.....

Now that it's sort of obvious that Lynn plans to fill in a lot of the time until next Spring with Elly's comic misadventures at the Creative Writing course, I'd like to remind you of some of the things we can expect to see. First off, we can expect to see that Elly has a difficult time completing her housework because of her family situation. This is due to two important factors. The first is a husband who doesn't see the point of any of this because he remembers that she has a low boredom threshhold and thus soon tire of this and look for an excuse to quit. (She will, of course, interpret this weary anticipation of defeatist thinking as his lacking faith in her and never wanting her to succeed.) The second is that her children want attention on their terms and will thus see no problem with bugging Mommy. The next factor is the thing that John sees as a stumbling-block; her inability to cope with the coursework. Even if he were to keep the kids out of her hair, the amount of material would naturally so overwhelm her, it would leave her unable to function. Third is her inability to ask others for help due to a desire to not look ignorant; this leads her to turn in poorly proofread material and not seek out help from her teacher. Lastly, of course, is her clash of personalities with the man himself. He will prove to be yet another straw man (in his case, a condescending twinkie who haughtily condemns her as a bored housewife who wants to show off) with a valid argument; Elly will make him right in spite of herself.

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