dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The clothing wars, part 2

As I said yesterday, there's a reason why Elly needs to control what her family wears: she's got it in her head that the neighbors are all talking about how bad a parent and spouse she is and she needs to demonstrate that she's got things under control and thus must not be judged so harshly. John's ironic protestations about how it's sort of foolish to live your life trying to impress those who don't seem to care mean little to her because she wants to spend her time worrying about things that don't matter much while ignoring those that do. The end result of her shouting about April looking like a pole dancer until she decided she was done with being a mother and no longer cared what she wore is that the neighbors think of her as an irritant who throws tantrums over nothing while letting the important stuff slide.

Tags: elly: lynn's fantasy self

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