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Elly Patterson: Canadian Tsundere.

Once, a long time ago, I came up with the odd premise that how the Foobs behaved made more sense if you were to assume that the adventures of the Pattersons were what a Japanese national would come up with if he were asked to write a story about life in North American suburbia. This is because Elly seems to be what that man would call a "tsundere"; this odd term refers to a person who reacts to feelings of uncertainty and doubt about how she feels about a person by lashing out at him. This cranky, tsun-tsun phase can consist of giving the man the cold shoulder while declaring that he knows what he did to upset her when it's obvious that he doesn't, the use of disproportionate physical force to avenge trivial slights, keeping a mental tally of all the things that he's done to offend her and so on and so forth. It usually takes a blue-eyed miracle to get the lady into the affectionate dere-dere phase but when that happens, she usually blushes as she unsuccessfully tries to deny the feelings of vulnerability and insecurity that she hides under layers of aggression and wounded pride. This sort of woman is always paired up with a character type called "The Jerk with the Heart of Gold" to form what is called the "Takahashi couple"; how things are supposed to proceed is that the two of them get over themselves before they get married to become the Happily Married duo that the Japanese prefer to see as the ideal parents. If their antics persist into the first years of their children's lives, it's obvious that the result will be chaos, anarchy and children who cannot function in the real world. Or, to put it in terms we can understand, the result is Foobery.

Tags: elly: lynn's fantasy self, jelly vs jstf, john - grinning weirdo

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