dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Motorcycles: a missing piece of the puzzle.

Now, I can understand why Elly might be uneasy around computers. After all, e-mail doesn't allow her to see faces or hear voices, thereby denying her the opportunity to judge what the person at the other end of the line is really saying. I can understand that and part-way sympathize with it. Also, she likes to TALK, not keyboard. What I didn't originally get is her hatred for motorcycles. You, of course, remember the serquence where Liz bought a motor-bike of Gordo to ride around on during one summer a few years back. John was okay with it, but Elly was so firmly against the idea she threatened to kick Liz outta the Pattermanse. No amount of logic or common sense could budge her from her idea that motorcycles were the tool of the Devil. John and Elizabeth, on the other hand, saw the thing as simply another mode of transportation. Why this rage? It isn't simply Elly's need to blow her stack over nothing or be contrary minded that animates it. Not when you consider the fact that we don't know everything about her past. It seems obvious that John is a man she met on the rebound from a devastating breakup. After all, Elly used to sing in coffee-shops and do the whole folkie thing before she was stampeded back to the safety of Suburbia. I would opine the philandering jackass who drove her into the waiting arms of Joe Tooth rode a motorcycle. Sadly, Lynn intends to freeze the characters in place soon, so we won't get to see Liz risk stroking out when HER daughter wants to ride a helicopter but we can certainly see that coming.

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