dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Creative Contemporary English Writing 101-2-3: Elly's class....

As we've seen in the past, Lynn takes a rather annoying logical shortcut by assuming that similar things are the same thing when they clearly are not. The result, of course, is to make her look somewhat foolish; you and I can see that a five year old boy and seven year old should not be confused owing to their being at different phases of development but Lynn does not. She sees them as being similar in age so it seems to her that they must naturally think and act in similar ways. This odd belief has come into play with Elly's night school class; since Lynn sees Contemporary English Lit and Creative Writing as being similar enough to be interchangeable, she behaves as if they're the same thing and says so. The result, as we'll see, is just as disappointing as the yo-yoing maturity levels of the Patterson children.

Tags: educating elly, lynn: failed creator

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