dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Blank mind, bad parent......

Let's assume for a second that Elly isn't actually joking about not being able to imagine herself as being anything other than a busy mother who has no help and no time for herself and not merely exaggerating to garner sympathy from a man who doesn't realize there's a problem because he thinks that wives are supposed to be unhappy all the time; if this is the case, then it's obvious as all Hell that she cannot step outside of herself and see things through the eyes of the children she wars against. Is she able to cope with her oh-so-average children? Not in the least; since she cannot think, she cannot anticipate their actions and is thus always confused and horrified. Does she understand how bad Mike feels that he's pretty much forced to be Lizzie's primary caregiver while she goes off into a corner and sulk? Of course not; since she can't imagine how he would feel, his resentment is an inconvenience and thus evil. Similarly, she resents her children for wanting affection because she can't imagine why they'd want to be reassured after overhearing angry bitching about their behavior all the time. She doesn't even understand that the kid-free trips she and John take make her kids feel unloved because, as I said, she cannot think as they do and see how she is perceived.

Tags: child rearing disasters, elly: lynn's fantasy self

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