dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Connie and Phil Show, the 12 Anno Pattersonii Edition.

One of the few things about the New-ruin era that I actually sort of like is that Connie's visit to Montreal seemed to have been written out of existence. Instead of a desperate, needy woman racing off to try to convince a rolling stone to gather suburban moss while leaving her active son in the care of a negligent dimwit who was too busy feeling sorry for herself to prevent him from recklessly breaking his leg, we instead had Elly-the-All-Wise talk an oh-so-grateful Connie out of doing something foolish because she was so smart, it hurt to be near her. Sadly, it looks as if we are going to have to see Connie convince herself that her need for a man, any man is so important, she can't be there for her son in his hour of need; for those of us that remember history, it's a grim foreshadowing of her essentially treating him like a leper since he outed himself. Her need for respectability and overweening desire to give her dead father a huge middle finger will always come before Lawrence's needs.

[ETA: As for the odd date, I'm referring to a letter I wrote to Coffee Talk wherein I posited that the strips we're reading now are occurring in the eleventh year of John and Elly's marriage.]

Tags: connie: the real lynn

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