dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

I hate Mira, the series....

The real reason I'd sort of hate it if Lynn decided that, just as Elly ended up taking the Creative Contemporary English Writing course she'd dropped in the retcons after all, Connie had to end up in Montreal getting shot down by Phil while salving her conscience with the notion that getting Lawrence a father would make up for not being at his side when he was hurt is that it would take away time from something I'd really enjoy: Elly doing a slow burn because Mira "THAT WOMAN" Sobinski managed to successfully get her children to do chores and engage in after school activities that didn't involve passive box-watching and run a tight domestic ship. Not, of course, that she'd admit to being jealous of the woman; the approved-of message is that Mira ran roughshod over her children and husband in the name of evil, evil ambition because she wanted more than she had any right to expect; because she plans for the future and works towards realistic goals instead of waiting to be Touched By Pattersons like all good people do, we should be expecting her to get a good scraping instead of watching Connie stress about not having a man and blithely ignoring her child's well-being because her needs take precedence. The moral dissonance alone would be a blast to snark.

Tags: connie: the real lynn, evil mira

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