dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly iz a jeeneuss: Stupidity is fun.

Why does Lynn think stupidity is a source of innocent fun? Why is Elly so fucking stupid and why is that a good thing? I mean, honestly, this woman is kinda slow on the uptake, don't you think? Like last January, when she was tsk-tsk-ing at April for all the clutter in Exile Rec-room. The flustered goofola thought since they were in the girl's room, it was her stuff. She saw the others pile in all the boxes of housewares Mira shipped to the Pattermanse in the vain hope that Mike wasn't gonna declare himself the new Laird of the Manor but her one-way brain made the conclusion "April's Room = April's Stuff". We also have her wacky hijinks with the pets to consider. She's constantly screaming at them because she's too flat out dim to understand a companion animal is not a human being sewn into a suit. However, since she'll defend her Disneyfied viewpoint of animal-as-furry-Rotarian to the death, things like last Sunday just ain't ever gonna stop. When you take the time to consider things, you'll realize Elly is, and always has been, a moron. Why, here she is picking out the curtains she'll be using at the Stibbs house after the Housening and she says things have yet to be decided. D-U-M, DUMB!!!
Tags: picky-face martian princess creature, sheet shaver

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