dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly's fantasy life.

In a recent strip, Elly made an off-hand remark about her somehow losing her ability to fantasize which alarmed a lot of people that saw it as a sign that she was suffering from severe depression. This seems to have been inspired by Lynn's realization that the same dust she saw as magical as a little girl was simply something to be cleaned. This tells me that she wouldn't know a fantasy if it bit her on her not-as-fat-as-she-thinks-it-is rump as the following examples will attest:

  • She seems transfixed by the belief that John knows what he did to dissatisfy her at all times; his seeming inability to read her mind is to her an unfair refusal to admit that he's in the wrong. This, of course, is a fantasy because John cannot read minds nor can he do what she wants if she does not tell him.
  • She believes that her family will finally get with the program and help her with the housework on her terms instead of trying to do things their way and thus making her work harder to correct their mistakes; this too is a fantasy. If she were to get over herself and realize that there's more than one way to do dishes, vacuum carpets and fold towels, she might have a shot of a happier life.
  • She also seems to believe that older children exist to watch over younger children without resenting the time lost to live their own lives; since this odd belief flies in the face of what most people know to be true, this is a destructive fantasy.
  • Next comes her odd notion that if she is sufficiently sincere in talking to her pets, they will realize what they're doing is wrong and change their ways; this is a loony fantasy because dogs, cats and rabbits cannot think along the same lines as a human being and have to be trained to not do things their owners don't like. Unfortunately for all concerned, Elly had inadvertently trained them to do all the things that drive her up the wall so is stuck in a hell of her own making.

Since Elly doesn't seem to have realized that all the things on her to-do list have no spontaneous chance of happening, she doesn't realize that she has a rich fantasy life. She also doesn't realize that she'd be better off dreaming about knights of white steads and fairy castles in lands far way as those fantasies have a better shot at coming true.

Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, elly: lynn's fantasy self

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