dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Of Anachronism Stew and Wounded Gazelles....

In yesterday's Coffee Talk, Lynn made the long-expected arch remark about having to quit because mean people keep picking on her by expecting her to keep track of what she calls her characters, when her strip is set, how children actually behave and a whole bunch of other details she's too impatient to worry about. This, of course, is an example of a thing called the wounded gazelle gambit in which a shallow, childish, selfish manipulator whines about mistreatment to work on the sympathies of well-meaning but ignorant people; since I've fallen for this from her myself, I can tell you it works like all get-out. This gives me hope that she'll more or less admit that we're not seeing a new imaging of the Pattersons' lives in the present day but a director's cut of the original story; also, since she's disguised her essential apathy with what she publishes with a bunch of blame-deflecting static about haters and picky-faces, actually re-run the Connie-goes-to-Montreal sequence. That's because Lawrence demonstrates a belief of hers when she returns home empty-handed; he was fine about his injuries until she showed up whereupon he started crying bellowing Mommy-mommy-mommiiiiieeeeee!!! This reminded me of something that happened later: when John and Elly were leaving for their first kid-free vacation, Lizzie was at the airport screaming and crying about being left behind until they were out of earshot. Since they were not present to be made to feel guilty about having time to themselves, there was no longer any point in crying so she stopped. This is, of course, because of Lynn's characters are her and share her need to act all upset in order to force people to feel bad about wanting things she doesn't.

Tags: elly: lynn's fantasy self, lynn j.: portrait of a user.

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