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Lest we forget.....

On this Remembrance Day, I'd like to take a look back at one of the high points of the strip: Lynn's honoring of those who served their country in time of war. The first time I can recall that she'd handled the issue was back in 1988 when a reluctant Mike had to attend a Remembrance Day ceremony. He didn't quite see the point and, since Lynn makes John and Elly more accessible by making them nitwits and lousy citizens, he had no substantive parental help seeing the point. He actually had to attend before he got the message. She dealt with the day in later years by having a Sunday strip close to Remembrance Day to remind us what the veterans did for us all. Here's what she did after 1996:

I've noticed a trend with these strips; usually, it's a female member of the younger generation that has to learn the lesson Lynn is trying to impart. You can take that to mean anything you want it to. Also, it's one of the few things that she does really well because it's something she's given a certain amount of thought to. It's not much but it does remind us why we used to like the strip and mourn the decline in quality in the last ten years.

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