dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On the absence of domestic help in the Pattersphere.....

Since Lynn wants to make the Pattersons more accessible to her audience by making them uglier, dumber, more selfish and lower-class than her target demographic, it only stands to reason that she should further strain credibility by making what should be the upper-middle class family of the moderately-prosperous dentist John is look as if they're barely treading water financially. This not only means that we have to deal with the sort of lousy diet that is sterotypically associated with low income families, we also have to endure strip after strip that shows us that the Pattersons are simply too poor to hire someone to give Elly a level of back-up in the domestic sphere. Oh, sure, there was that one sequence where they experimented with having a housekeeper but Lynn felt that her audience couldn't identify with the Pattersons if we had Elly wanting to tidy up before the maid got there was a permanent fixture; the odd thing is that Sherwood Schwartz didn't have that worry, if you catch my meaning.

Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, lynn versus the real world

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