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Elly's fantasies versus the reality of Farley.....

As I said a while back, Elly, despite believing otherwise, has a fairly rich fantasy life; the chiefest one seems to me to be her odd idea that Farley is somehow a human being in a suit. Now, I know that it's only human to anthropomorphize your pets to an extent; the child in all of us assumes that if something is alive, it must be able to think and feel as we do. This belief doesn't totally go away as we get older but it is tempered with the realization that even with the best will in the world, our pets aren't going to love us in exactly the same way we love them. Since Elly never had a pet growing up and she's fairly immature, she's still pretty much a stubborn little girl when it comes to thinking about Farley. Most of their interactions are based on her tetchy refusal to have to admit that her dog isn't really human. It isn't just, of course, her whacked-out belief that if she pleads or yells enough, Farley will see the error of his ways and act in accordance to her whims; her need to ascribe human motives to him extends beyond assuming that he's simply being stubborn and pretending that he doesn't know English to assigning John-like lechery to his instinctive need to mate with receptive females. The first instance that I can recall was during the sequence that Lynn turned into the kids' book; instead of following his nose to a kiddie party, he and the other intact male dogs were busy chasing after an intact female in heat. Upon being told what it was he was chasing, sour-puss idiot Elly yelled "MEN!!" and went on to give John the cold shoulder for putting ideas in their dog's head; the next time, of course, was when April accidentally introduced him to Connie's dog so that his replacement Edgar might be born. Elly's reaction to that was much the same. It doesn't take too much effort to realize why Elly won't admit that she needed to think of Farley as not being human; having to admit error is something unfair that she hates.

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