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In sickness and in Foob...

The current series that depicts Elly struggling with what was in the original timeline a summer cold that came out of nowhere and is now a fever that will somehow destroy her academic hopes has inspired me to talk about how the Pattersons deal with disease. We saw an inkling as to how things are meant to be done last Winter when Mike had the cold that made him miss what was supposedly Deanna's moving away to Burlington forever; Elly's initial reaction was not to sympathise with his plight but to lecture him about containment. Only when she was that he was upset did it occur to him to comfort him. She was a fairly competent caregiver despite the rocky start I'd mentioned; she even had a brief twinge of awareness that made her realize how difficult it must have been for her mother to care for her. Another instance in which we saw Elly-as-nurse was when John threw his back out; as I mentioned before, she'd made sure to keep the kids from bothering while he rested up. This occasioned a strip that had him wonder why nobody was around to cheer him up; this brings me to my point: that when Elly needs people, they are nowhere to be found. Lynn's need to make Elly into a martyr and her husband and children into ungrateful jerks is the engine that drives a lot of annoying strips that have our protagonist hack and wheeze as she's forced to do housework despite being ill; John and the kids cannot by nature pitch in and lighten her burden because Elly is always right.

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