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Escape to the House of Bebop, Part 3: The Amazonian Catfish Mystery.

It's hard to believe that it's been three weeks since I put forth the notion that Connie would head off to Montreal to pursue a very reluctant Phil Richards despite it seeming that she'd moved on; it seems longer because we've had to trudge through so much of Elly's self-willed martyrdom that it's hard to have to contemplate Connie's brand of the same sickness. Since we thought that the issue had actually been resolved, its reintroduction raises a lot of issues that don't do the characters involved much credit. Said issues all point back to the obvious question "Why does Connie think that she stands a chance of snagging Phil?" The answers that seem most likely to your humble(!) servant are as follows:

  1. Phil, despite Elly telling him to stop being an ass, is deliberately leading Connie on out of sheer hateful maleness; he will most likely be revealed to want to create chaos in order to have an innocent, trusting woman fawn over him.

  2. Connie, despite constant reminders from Elly that she's kidding herself, has somehow convinced herself that his polite gestures are less the result of his being raised to be kind to his sister's friends and more an indication that he, despite his statement that he doesn't see her as a love interest, 'really' means that he cares as much for her as she for him.

  3. Elly is stirring the pot and feeding Connie inflated estimates of what Phil's real feelings are because she's tired of his having a freedom she lacks; in her mind, it's high time that her shiftless kid brother grew up, got a real job and quit playing bees and bops in bars.

  4. Elly is stirring the pot by saying things that confuse and embolden Connie because she's too dim to know that her idiotic remarks create a hope that cannot be fulfilled.

There are, of course, other scenarios that explain why this will happen; what it doesn't do (unless, of course, you chalk things up to poor story-telling and simply accept the oncoming horror) is explain why she had to revisit something that she changed for the better. I had hoped she'd flesh out the story by explaining why Mira was evil wrapped in a kielbasa, not by making Connie even more pathetic when she chases after Phil and Ted. This, of course, is owing to her following the mores of her creator. She is, after all. engaged in this doomed pursuit because she, as a 'good' woman wants to have a man to validate her by marrying her and give her children so she can have a real identity; Phil, as a 'bad' man, simply wants sex without all the emotional baggage Lynn insists that he carry. If Connie were to simply want to have icky, awful sex with the Token that meant that she was Taken, she'd be an earlier version of Evil Therese and thus not worth our sympathies. Since the woman is racing around looking for love in a lot of wrong places while ignoring her own happiness and peace of mind, she's laughable in a sort of seedy, disgusting way. People who sell themselves short like her generally are.

Tags: connie: the real lynn, phil: bee and bop king

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