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The real reason that I'm sort of disappointed that my prediction that we would return to the Evil-because-he-was-able-to-get-away-with-things-Elly-didn't-have-the-courage-to-try-Phil and Clueless-because-she-needs-a-MAAAYYYYYUUUUNNNNN-Connie show is that it's yet more proof that Lynn simply doesn't care about the continuity of the new-ruins. So far, we've seen the following plot points be advanced only to be retracted because they make the straight reprints harder to explain:

  • The age and number of the Nichols children was the first change in 'history' to be reconsidered; as we know, Lynn started out with the idea that Christopher was Mike's contemporary and Richard Lizzie's. Since she doesn't want to spend the next few years changing dialogue, she simply 'forgot' that she'd changed the number and age of Annie's kids and set things back to right.
  • Her attempt to correct the premature disappearance of Deanna, as I said when it came up, raised a lot more questions that it supposedly answered; we were, after all, asked to accept Lynn's interpretation of how house sales worked without being allowed to point out the absurdities.
  • Mike started out taking a bus from kindergarten, which Lynn called preschool, and then started taking the bus for the first time when he got into first grade.
  • Elly supposedly already took an extension course only to drop out but now is the first time this has happened.

This is sort of a marvel, in an odd way; anyone can forget details but it takes someone special to be that apathetic about it.

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