dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The revenge effect.....

I remember reading a book by an Edward Tenner called "Why things bite back"; the man's topic was a phenomenon he called 'the revenge effect'. One of the examples he gave was the introduction of kudzu to the Southeastern United States; the Soil Conservation Service introduced the plant in order to combat erosion, improve the soil by fixing nitrogen and provide forage for grazing animals. What they didn't know at the time was that conditions in the area were perfect for the runaway growth of what some people call 'the vine that ate the South'. A similar process is taking place as we speak in Milborough; this is because someone is about to learn the wrong lesson from the Connie-and-Phil debacle. As we know, the romance between the two of them is strictly one-sided and would have been doomed to failure if Phil had lived on the other side of town; Elly and Connie, however, do not see things that way. Since they're dimwits, they ascribe the failure to absence making the heart grow wander and thus come to the wildly inappropriate and astonishingly ridiculous conclusion that long distance relationships can never work because a love interest has to be within a fifteen minute drive of his or her partner. Since Liz was raised to believe tosh like this, she couldn't see that she could very easily kept things going between her and Anthony despite their being hundreds of miles apart; had she done so, the two of them could have avoided drawing Eric, Therese and Paul into their wake and spreading misery because Elly is too dumb to come to a correct conclusion.

Tags: blandthony, connie: the real lynn, elly: lynn's fantasy self, liz: whining martyr, one big oblivious family

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