dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Strip Catalog: Way-station to the end of the new-ruins...

As we've all seen, the latest feature to appear on the For Better or For Worse homepage is an online catalog of strips that goes pretty much back to the beginning of the Patterson saga to the Settlepocalypse as well as into the New-Ruin era. We're allowed to search for a keyword, to look at selected plotlines, to select strips at random and to search for a punchline. The only feature that is not currently available is a search by a date range but it was probably assumed that the typical end user wouldn't know when the strip he or she was looking for actually occured so it was probably deemed unnecessary to implement it at this time. The reason that this appears now is that it probably took a lot of time to fulfill a need that had been apparent for some time; most of the letters that come into Coffee Talk are probably requests for a particular strip and now they're able to point the readers into the right direction at the click of a mouse. It also reassures the readers that even though she must leave them, Lynn isn't really going anywhere; they'll always be able to find her online.

Tags: the catalogue, the reload

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