dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The hypocrisy of the Liographies.....

As I've mentioned before, the parents of the people featured in the Liographies are an appalling lot of petty tyrants. Since the author seems to love the idea of creating conflict by making her subject's father's into smirking bullies who seem to believe that it's God's will that they cruelly oppress the helpless victim-subject in order to make the character sympathetic, we end up having to read about a flotilla of moral monsters and the spineless wives they cow into helping them abuse others by working on their self-esteem. Where they move from being merely an example of banal nonsense filled with cheap theatrics to a hypocritical load of hogwash is when they posit salvation by Pattersons as the person's only hope. That's because the John we're seeing right now is the same sort of abusive monster the Liographies assail; first off, his cruel remarks about Elly's appearance and intellect have turned her into his accomplice. Second, he honestly seems to believe that his children owe him every cent he's spent on their behalf and that it's God's will that he get to collect. Third, he deliberately makes his children's life difficult and bullies them into admitting things that in their hearts they know to be lies so as to avoid disproportionate retribution. Fourth, when they rebel, he isolates them on a farm away from friends and family while telling his relatives exaggerated tales of their wild behavior. Fifth, when asked to question the viciousness that festers inside him, he burns with rage. Or at least that's the official story; when you realize how much Lynn still resents the fact that Rod is still better liked even after the divorce, you get the idea that her tendency to build Elly up by tearing John down kicked into overdrive thereby turning a boorish-but-well-intentioned dunce patriarch into a Complete Monster.

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