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The Pattersons versus Santa Claus.....

One of the more depressing parts of reading the strip is Lynn's more or less faithful interpretation of when her children started thinking of Santa as not a physical entity that lives at the North Pole and delivers gifts but as a personification of seasonal generosity; bearing witness to their replacing child-like wonder to a more mature appreciation of the people around them is a depressing-but-necessary part of their growing up. The odd thing is that Elly started out thinking that her kid brother had 'killed' Santa when he made his broad, arch, obvious and sexist remark about wanting a hottie for Christmas right in front of Mike; that's why she took him to see Santa a second time. Since Mike thought that they went because Santa didn't hear his whole list when Phil took him, it seems to me that her concern was misplaced as was her belief that it was Phil who did the deed. That's because a year later, Mike first started noticing that things didn't add up Santa-wise and he asked Elly if there was a real Saint Nick; ever one to make her life harder, she gave him the truth despite John's objection that she should perhaps have waited until he was ready to handle it. John foresaw something she did not: that Mike was of the age that he would interpret their earlier insistence on Kris Kringle's reality as a lie meant to make a fool of him. Unlike his wife, you see, he was aware of the fact that when an adult is forced to break a promise to a child, that child thinks that said adult lied to him out of malice. He could thus see a time when Mike would use his knowledge as a tool with which he could make Lizzie's life worse; he didn't know if he'd mock her for still believing or try to ruin the surprise but he did know that Mike could have waited a while for honesty. The reason that Elly might have sabotaged herself is that she sort of resented it that she was made to think about other people; if she can't be happy, she's going to make damned sure no one else is.

Tags: child rearing disasters, one big oblivious family, x-ing out xmas.

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