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John: Santa's dumbest elf

As you know, John rarely gets Elly what she wants for Christmas; he trudges through the shop aisles with a flustered look on his face because he simply cannot figure out what the little woman wants. This, of course, is because he really doesn't have much of an idea of who she is as a person; he assumes, right or (mostly) wrong, that he'd married a gal like dear old Mom so can never seem to realize that Elly might want something expensive and showy like a mink or jewelry because of said belief. It doesn't seem to occur to him that his wife and a woman like Carrie who was raised to not make a spectacle of herself have differing tastes despite both being mothers and housewives. The end result is that he usually buys her something she doesn't want because a clerk told him to get it or an appliance of some description. This reminds Elly that he not only has no idea what she likes, he thinks of her as a housewife first and an individual a distant second. Since he doesn't have a clue and doesn't want to get one, he needs the help of his daughters to point him in the right direction; when they're not there when he needs them, he makes a lot of noise about not wanting to shop for adults (i.e. Elly) because "they" seem to lack gratitude. Despite it being inspired by his refusal to admit that he's socially awkward, stubborn and slow-witted, there actually is something to that sentiment; he's probably sick of asking someone to kindly make lemonade out of the citrus under the tree. If I had to guess about why this theme appears so much, I'd say that someone with an axe to grind wants to bury it in her ex's shoulder blades.

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