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The miracle crawl space of the Pattermanse

In the strip that ran on 10 December 2009, we saw the first appearance of an architectural oddity that the Pattersons have dealt with ever since they moved into the Pattermanse: the crawlspace in their basement. As forworse has reminded us, it’s simply more than where the Miracle Dress was stored; it’s figured in the Patterson’s lives on at least four other occasions. The first time it became more than where they kept a sump pump to supplement the weeping tiles that allowed rain to drain away from the basement was in the early 1980’s; that’s because Elly cleaned it out for a yard sale the Pattersons were having. Next, Mike fished out a potty for Richard Nichols to use when Elly was sitting for Annie; granted, we had to deal with shy bladder syndrome but he did try to help. After that, they inherit all the junk Connie didn’t take to Thunder Bay with her; given that she was sort of peeved by how her marriage collapsed, this raises the possibility that the Miracle Dress might have been Connie’s to start with. Her reasoning might be that since her own marriage went up the spout and she can’t pass it down, Elly might as well have it. If so, it’s lucky it survived 1994 when the sump pump broke down due to lack of maintenance; they lost a couch, the basement carpet, some drywall, the weeping tiles, John’s clinic records and, since Elly and John didn’t buy flood insurance, several thousand dollars and a little more of Elly’s faith in humanity. The next time it came into play was a few years later when they cleaned it out again to keep the weeping tiles from getting clogged again; again, they wound up carrying out a load of stuff. The conclusion I draw from all this is that it’s not simply a design feature to aid drainage and hide a huge rock the contractor couldn’t remove; it’s where they store all the stuff they’re not sure will come in handy but don’t want to throw out in case they need it.

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