dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The elephant in the cineplex

When I first saw last Sunday's strip, I expected a certain reaction on Coffee Talk based on what I'd seen before. Let's use the strip that had Elly steamroll Michael into agreeing that throwing away the rest of his Halloween candy was a good thing as an example of said trend. We started with people who think like we do angrily denouncing her for being a bully, ogre, idiot and twerp; this was followed by the usual reminders that it was simply a comic strip and thus not worrying about and letters that explained that we didn't see what we thought we did. The consensus amongst Lynn's defenders is that Elly thought she was helping John in his campaign to protect the family's teeth. This led me to expect that we'd have seen letters that referenced Amber alerts as well as comments from retail workers who resent the implication that they're free babysitters for the Ellys of the world followed by rebuttals that stated that a) Elly was actually in the same theater as Mike only we couldn't see her, b) if Lynn says they're old enough to go by themselves, they're old enough to go it alone, c) let them have childhoods, pickyfaces or d) get a life, they're not actually real unless they do something I like. What we saw was one letter that questioned Elly's parenting chops floating in a sea of letters about everything else. This tells me that whoever's in charge of screening Lynn's e-mail didn't want to touch this with a ten-foot pole but didn't want it to look like the subject was being totally ignored; they're probably waiting for the heat to die down so they can move on.

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