dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Foobocaust: Chapter one

Now, you may have noticed I let Meredith survie my little exercise in alternate history. First, you wouldn't want me to snuff a cute little girl and second, somebody has to tell the cops what happened. That being said, I'll continue.

Preliminary investigation into fire at 1985 Reynolds Avuenue on 18 December 2006.


20:00: Contents of wastebasket in living room of Unit one catch fire. Approximate cause: Occupant (see file: Kelpfroth, M.) had fallen asleep and dropped lit cigar into said receptacle.

20:05: Owing to disconnected battery in smoke detector, Unit one had reached flashover. Subject's wife (Kelpfroth, W.) quickly pulled husband to safety while sustaining minor injuries. Male subject treated for second degree burns to extremities, both for smoke inhalation.

20:10: Fire spread to upper apartment. Given position of male decedent (Patterson, M. E.) and eyewitness testimony of survivor (Patterson, M. A.), subject had attempted to contact Emergency Services from within domicile but was quickly overcome by smoke. Female and tender age decedents (Patterson, D, Patterson, R) were in procees of getting dressed, a practice clearly contraindicated in situation. Surviving occupant fled apartment in nightclothes and sprained ankle rushing down poorly-secoured fire exit. Subect currently with relatives after being treated for smoke inhalation and minor injuries.

20:20: Personel arrived on scene and contained fire within 25 minutes. Occupants of semi-detached unit (Weeder, J; Steen, C.) evacuated as precaution.

19 December 2006

08:00 Arson investigators arrive on scene. Report Follows.

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