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Foobocaust: Chapter Two - The most wanted child in Ontario.

Having successfully orphaned Meredith due to her parents' idiocy, I'd like you to consider the issue of custody and its capacity for interesting plotlines. Instead of the plotlines we call the Housening, the Lovepocalypse and the Tome of Glurge and all the cheap theatrics and witless puns thus engendered, we'd be knee deep in REAL drama and actual life-changing events. We know for a fact that Mira would not want the Patterson family to control her grand-daughter and would fight hard to prevent that. I'm basing that on the fact she'd object strenuously to the Patterson family's plans to cremate her child. As a good Old World Catholic, she would have strong objections (to say the least) to something that seems to flout the possibility of the Resurrection. And besides, letting the Pattersons have things their way got her daughter killed in the first place. There's also the issue of who seems to love Meredith more, isn't there? Judging from what I've seen, I get the feeling Elly doesn't actually care for her grandkids. Sure, she wants her children to settle down and maunfacture more PitterPattersons but the motivation seems to be grandchild as status symbol more that anything else. That being said, Elly would fight just as hard and maybe a bit dirty. Not because she values the poor girl as a human being, of course. The reason Elly would go all apeshit on Mira's ass is that somebody's trying to prise someone loose from her crushing ambit.
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