dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

"Parents are not for fun": The Elly Patterson guide to failed parenting.

As we're seeing right now and will see as the years go on, Phil joins both John and Elly's parents in spending a lot more time with the children than John and Elly ever seem to. It's always nice when Marian or Carrie appear because they actually take the time to be parents of a sort; it's too bad that they do so in defense of one of the twisted values that the Pattersons hold dear. As we've seen, Elly and John think that it's their job to be stern, unapproachable, inflexible and, above all, overly-serious figures who say "No" to fun, "No" to paying attention to their kids, "No" to bending on a non-issue and "No" to pretty much everything else. Why this need to say "No" when they secretly admit it wouldn't cause the Sun to die were the answer to be "Yes"? As I said before, the poor, deluded clowns think that if they laugh, if they have fun, if they're seen to enjoy things, their authority will vanish forever, never to be reestablished. Just as Phil can laugh and play with the kids because he's not in charge of them, Elly can be a great parent to the Mayes kids because she's not answerable for them; once she is put in a position of authority, though, she hides behind her dread of not being taken seriously and all the whimsy vanishes. How sad that Mike, Lizzie and April (and their children after them) will miss out because Flapandhonk and Train Man spent a lifetime fooling themselves.

Tags: child rearing disasters, elly: lynn's fantasy self, phil: bee and bop king

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