dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Boxing Day Blues....

Another thing that Lynn used to get right was how the different generations viewed Christmas after it was all said and done. Like children everywhere, Mike, Lizzie and April all felt vaguely let down on Christmas night because, well, the thing that they'd anticipated for a year had come and gone too soon for their liking. They'd played with their new toys, eaten their big meal, gone to Church and everything so they still felt a little bit in the Holiday mood but were told they had to wait another year. Worse still, in a few days, they and John went for a walk and all the decorations would be packed away; that meant it was definitely over and its ending was a bit of a let-down because instead of being Christmastime, it was plain old Winter again for cold, dreary months that seemed to last forever. The people whose job it was to make the magic happen had, as one might expect, a different viewpoint; Elly always seemed to have a hard time waiting for the official end of the season so things could return to normal. Once she'd put away the ornaments, taken the toys the kids no longer used to Goodwill and had John rearrange the furniture, she could look back on a nice Christmas as she waited for the gardening catalogues to arrive in the Spring. It should be noted that this is not because the real Elly of the early eighties lacked Christmas spirit; as I've said, she was more keyed up about it than her children. The reason is that Elly and her children experience the passing of time differently. To her, Boxing Day is thirteen short weeks before she can check on the bulbs she planted last Autumn. To Mike, Valentine's Day might as well also be another year away.

Tags: foob history, x-ing out xmas.

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