dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly's Turkey Trots

I'd like to discuss the after-effect of Christmas in Pattersonland that has the longest-term implication: what Elly does with the turkey after the big dinner. Since she always seems to buy far too large a bird, the Pattersons spend the first few weeks afterward eating leftovers; back in 1990, John commented on that when he said Grace as he thanked the Lord for the bounty they were going to spend quite some time receiving. This, of course, meant that they were about to receive stews, casseroles, sandwiches and so on and so forth. Since Elly cannot simply toss food away even though it is no longer quite safe to eat, she has a freezer filled with leftover bits of turkey from past Christmases. This is because she thinks that wasting electricity refrigerating freezer-burnt meat is as traditional as caroling and watching Linus tell Charlie Brown what Christmas is all about. Why this is is rather easy to explain; she remembers that when she was a child, her parents bought a turkey large enough to both feed their guests and to be made into leftovers. She doesn't, of course, realize that Jim and Marian had to cook leftovers 'cause they felt that couldn't afford not to; it's also why she doesn't realize why they stressed the need to finish what was on her plate. Not having experienced the sort of privation they did, she does what she's told without asking why and not seeing that she doesn't have to.

Tags: x-ing out xmas.

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