dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

No more Mister Vice Guy.

As we're going to see in the fullness of time, Phil loves his vices and hates it when people try to reform him. We see this when he gets all panicky when they try to make him stop smoking as well as when he acted as if the vegans he shared an apartment with at one point were Nazi space monsters who wanted to deny him the red meat experience because they were crazy, selfish and evil; we even see it when he objects to Elly trying to limit his intake of liquor. The interesting thing about all these is that they seem to him to come from the same source: the need women have to domesticate him and drain away his masculinity. Heck, there's even a strip that has him in a blind panic because he fears that he'll actually be happy to cook, clean and all the other things that macho dolts like him think are the province of women and effeminate men. Elly and Georgia see themselves as caring enough to help free him from the chains that bind him; he sees them as conspiring to more or less neuter him. The fun part is that Elly thinks that he and Ted are different sorts of irritant when they only vary in degree.

Tags: phil: bee and bop king

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