dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Inside Ted's Head.

It seems obvious to me that Ted gets the mauling he does because he is mainly being viewed through Elly's eyes. This is because the Ted she sees is the one who regards her as a noisy, intrusive, ignorant, lecturing, judgmental obstacle to John's happiness; the strip that showed that what baffled him most about feminists hinted at depths to him that Elly would have difficulty recognizing. It confused him that, as he put it, every single move he made was seen as a hateful attempt to oppress all women everywhere; he thought he was being polite and doing what gentlemen were supposed to. The idea that changing times meant what being polite meant threw him for a loop. This sort of hidden depth might explain what will go wrong in a years' time. It seemed that when he and Connie first started things, they had a better shot of making it than she and Phil would have; it seemed to me that Ted, for example, greeted the prospect of becoming an instant father with far more enthusiasm than Phil did. Lawrence was as reluctant as Molly and Gayle seem to have been but Ted, unlike Connie, made more of an effort to win him over. It seems to me that the sticking point was Ted's mother; the official story is that she was a shrew who wouldn't let go of her son and tried to sabotage all his romances. That's sort of difficult to reconcile with the strip that had him tell John that his mom told him to his face that she was cramping her style. It might be that he, as man of the house, thought it was his duty to take care of his mother and not send her off to a senior's complex despite her desire to be with her contemporaries and not have to worry about his future. It might be that Connie had mentioned that Mother would be better off at what Ted thought was a well-appointed ice floe and soon found herself on the receiving end of a confusing brush-off; since Ted still thought that this was the fifties and a bit, he might have done the manly thing and fell on his sword. This would explain why Phil's return hit him like a punch in the gut; if he were the shallow womanizer that Elly eventually convinced John he was, he wouldn't have cared about his old flame.

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