dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly's discipline problem.

As has been noted many times in the past, John and Elly behave as if they have already lost any semblance of control over their children. Time and again, they look as if they are overwhelmed by the rather ordinary behavior of their boringly average offspring; what's more, they seem convinced that Mike, Liz and April are actively plotting to thwart their every move and make their lives miserable because That Is What Children Do. The reason for this is threefold. First off, their reactions tell us that they are outraged by the idea that they, as adults, have to change the way they live their lives in the slightest simply because they happen to have children. This came into play when John proposed to give a sick and frightened Lizzie something to cry about because her tears disturbed him. Second, they seem to have a rather warped and self-absorbed idea of what the proper dynamic between parent and child is; instead of the proper level of respect, they seem to want grovelling praise for clothing, feeding and housing their kids. Anything less displeases the dreary nitwits and occasions great rage. Finally, their inane self-absorption and nauseating self-pity means that they do not empathize with their young and see hostility where none exists. The end result is, of course, disproportionate punishments for trivial infractions and minor inconveniences. Try as Kool-Aid Nation might to defend them or explain it away, the Pattersons are not good at handling things when they go wrong.

Tags: child rearing disasters

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