dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Georgia on my mind..

As you may or may not know, Lynn plans to improve upon the upcoming visit to Montréal by dropping references to Connie's cousin and showing us who the girl Phil seems to be living with is. My guess is that we're about to see the first ever appearance of Georgia; it doesn't actually matter that this would do as much damage to the continuity as her forgetting how many children Annie has or when Deanna moved. What does matter is that she has to establish that Phil is a cheating cheater who cheated on Connie because he's a man. I hope I'm wrong, though; she was one of the few characters that hasn't been sullied by the Declining Years or New-Ruins owing to her having been more or less written out at pretty much the same time that Lawrence came out and April had started to houdini out of the yard. I'd hate to see one of the few people I still sort of like get her character assassinated because someone doesn't know when to leave well enough alone and not spoil one of the few adult relationships in the strip.

Tags: georgia, phil: bee and bop king

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